I began taking voice lessons about two years ago. I was getting better every Sunday as I was song leader at my church. I was a trombone player in high school but I didn’t know treble clef notes. I really wanted to learn so I decided to take piano lessons too. I’ve only been playing a half year but I have progressed well. I had tried to take lessons before but my previous teacher took too much for granted and I quit because it was just too hard. Another piano teacher called me fifteen minutes before my first lesson and told me she didn’t want to teach me. Charlotte has been first rate the whole time. I’m 59 years old and I love my lessons. She never makes me feel like I’m not good enough or like I haven’t practiced enough. She never assumed I knew musical theory and has covered everything in a logical way so I understand everything as an essential building block and each lesson builds on the last. She knows how to make music easy to learn. All her decades of teaching music has made her the best teacher I could ever have. She meets you at your level and knows just the right books and materials to help you right where you are. If you need extra help at a book, she’ll change books before getting back where you’ve had trouble. It is her years of experience that make her stand out above and beyond other teachers. She knows the best way to teach. But she’s also a very accomplished musician herself both on the piano and with her singing. Every week I bring four new hymns that we sing that Sunday and she always helps me by recording them so I can practice. I hope she stays around so I can take lessons many, many years longer. She’s awesome!

– Martha Hann